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This course covers the fundamentals of software testing. It will teach you the basics of testing throughout the software life cycle, as well as static testing techniques, test design techniques, test management and tool support for testing.

This course and all the reference material are accredited by the International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB®). We carefully created this course to be a comprehensive, detailed and state of the art course from which you will fully benefit. This is not the regular simple walk-through of the ISTQB syllabus. This course has been designed to prepare you for the ISTQB Foundation Level Certification, and this course allows you to get the exam at a discounted price in select ISTQB commitees!

What do you get with this course? You get an 8-hour online course commented by an ISTQB accredited trainer, around 200 questions in the form of quizzes and mock exams, an exclusive printable card game to help you with your final review, plus the official ISTQB downloadable documentation. You will also have access to our Progideo trainers for all the questions you will want to ask!

We advise that you spend 15 hours at least on this training to get its full benefits.

After purchase, the course will be available to you from any device during 60 days. At the end of the course, we will deliver a certificate of completion to you.

This is the French version of the course.

Si vous souhaitez suivre le cours en français, cliquez ici.